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In recent years, there has been a radical rise in the publication of all kinds of hate content on the internet. However, even compared to other forms of hate, the growth of online antisemitic content is unparalleled.


Scale of the problem

Every second of every day, people upload antisemitic content on various platforms. Their purpose is to spread prejudice, conspiracy theories and incitement against the Jewish people and against the state of Israel.

People are posting a vast (huge) amount of such antisemitic content.The result? Hundreds of millions of users, including children and teenagers, are being fed with wrongful information and straight out lies.


Why did the increase happen?

The growth of online antisemitism is heavily correlated to increases in antisemitism being reported in the “real world”. In other words, the more people hear about antisemitism in the news, the more they feel a need to post such content online.

Also, internet use, and specifically social media use, has expanded recently. This caused a rise in the spead of antisemitic and hate content in general.

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a perfect storm for antisemitism to thrive online.The pandemic gave people the opportunity to create a new form of an ancient lie: Jews have been blamed for engineering the virus—or being part of a global conspiracy to develop a vaccine, helping them to pocket billions at the expense of sick and dying people.

While the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass, the plague of antisemitism will stay with us for many years to come.


What is the result of the rise in online antisemitism?

There has been a significant increase in the number of physical attacks and terrorist incidents against Jewish communities around the world.


How are we trying to change things?

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA) is a nonprofit organization. We have taken on the immense challenge of monitoring and removing antisemitic content found on the internet. FOA currently works in several languages across six social media platforms. Since its foundation, volunteers have succeeded in reporting hundreds of examples of antisemitic conspiracy theories and misleading content. As a result, a significant amount of material has been deleted from the world’s leading social media platforms.

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