“This is the new Antisemitism”

A new report reveals the extent to which the giant social networks find it difficult to act against antisemitic content disguised as hatred of Israel. The CEO of the movement that fights this phenomenon says: “The companies are trying but they can do a lot more.”  Like any other aspect of spreading messages, the revolution […]

Israel is losing big time on the social front

The Wall Keeper Operation: Israel is losing big time on the social front.     About 50 thousand anti-Israeli tweets are being published by the hour on Twitter , as opposed to 2,000 pro-Israeli tweets. These figures shed a disturbing light which is the outcome of Israel’s weak social front against the Hamas and the […]

Hey social networks! We won’t get off your backs

The Fighting  Online Antisemitism association has been trying to reduce the phenomenon of hateful speech on social media – with partial success ● To be more successful, instead of manual monitoring, FOA wants to build an AI system that monitors hate content, and for this purpose FOA is asking for donations ● Tomer Aldubi, CEO […]

“Burning the Israeli flag is not incitement”

From a series of videos that landed on the desk of “Israel Today”, it seems that some people use social networks not for social networking but for incitement. In several videos, we see the Israeli flag being torn. In one of them, a drawing of the Israeli flag on a  piece of paper is thrown […]