Our Team

תומר אלדובי

Tomer AldubiFounder & Chief Executive Officer

Tomer journalist on the Mako website, theater creator, and lectures, both in Israel and around the globe, on hate content and how to monitor antisemitic content online. He has lots of experience in this area. He was a former Head of “Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism” (ISCA), which operated under the National Union of Israeli Students. Also, he was an emissary for the Jewish Agency at summer camps at the JCC in Albany, New York, USA 2015.

ניר קפלן

Nir KaplanLegal Counsel

Nir manages the Regulatory Department at the Israel Hotels Association. Nir has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, specializing in the Middle East, from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

דריה סלומון

Daria SolomonVolunteer Recruitment

Darya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Communications from Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Between 2017-2018, she was an emissary of both the Jewish Agency and the “Habonim Dror” youth movement in the Netherlands. Darya immigrated to Israel from the former USSR as a child.

מאיה הדר

Maya HadarProject Manager

Maya Hadar (LL.M, M.A Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution) holds a PhD in Global and area studies from Leipzig University. A former legal officer in the Israeli Defence Forces, during her military service Maya conducted advocacy, pro-Israeli seminars in Germany on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs & The Israeli Defence Forces Spokesperson Unit. As an intern in ‘Shatil’ (Israeli NGO), Maya worked in the fields of civil and social rights, diversity, multicultural cities, and Jewish-Palestinian co-existence. She has been active in monitoring antisemitic content online since 2013.

גרשון דנקנר

Gershon DanknerDesigner and developer of the association's website

Designer and developer of the organization’s website with many years of experience in designing and developing websites, specializing in responsive websites and WordPress management systems.

גלית ורדי

Dr. Galit VardiDirector of Development & Analyzing Data

Galit is an expert in knowledge management and learning methodologies using Internet technologies. She holds a Masters in Learning Technologies as well as a PhD in Knowledge Management and Internet Technologies from IUBL University.

Board Members

Hadassah Schwartz

הדסה שוורץ

Hadassah is the Senior Coordinator of International Religious Journalism at the Government Press Office (GPO). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Political Media from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Hannah Vaknin

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Manager who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. She grew up in France before immigrating to Israel at the age of 18.

Anna Liborkin

Anna is a certified nurse and research coordinator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College. Between 2015-2018, she was the Head of the Wikipedia team at “Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism” (ISCA).