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What do our Volunteers say About us?

The FOA Training gave an all-around insight into the phenomena of hate speech related to antisemitism. The FOA team showed practical methods of how to find hate speech and explained what is important when reporting comments to online platforms. REACH also gave an overview on how to differentiate between antisemitism and criticism of the politics of the state of Israel.

With reporting challenges and practical tasks, the REACH program was very praxis-oriented and provides a solid ground for anyone who wants to be more active and efficient in counteracting online antisemitism.

The sessions were well structured and at a good length. FOA is an inspiring organization and I can recommend anyone who is interested in hate speech and/or antisemitism to take part in REACH.

Anja N.  |  Germany

I really want to thank the FOA team for all their actions to fight against antisemitism, hate speech, conspiracy theories, and especially for enabling me to learn the techniques and means to fight against these scourges that feed social networks.

I learned a lot thanks to the mentors, the quality of the material provided, and the excellent webinars. The combination of theoretical and practical information throughout the program allowed me to become self-sufficient and continue the fight on my own.

I am proud to support this cause for our future. Together, we can eradicate this phenomenon and protect our children.

Thanks to Jonathan, Barak, and Maya for their commitment, availability and for having shared your knowledge!

Stéphanie B.  |  France

It is possible to make a change from your home, and I am not kidding. FOA taught me that.

The lectures and courses are very professional as they prepare a person to notice and act. We had many discussions: what constitutes hate speech, how to search for such content, how to report it, etc. We focused on antisemitism, but these skills are valuable also generally in life.

Today, I can undeniably state that the REACH program prepares you to fight the unjust, make a digital area brighter, and make it easier for the community to grow. I am thankful for the qualified people who taught me many priceless lessons.

Agita B.  |  Lithuania

For me, the REACH program was comprehensive, informative, and well organized. I particularly enjoyed live sessions, which made the content easily understandable. The presentations which FOA mentors provided were highly informative and helpful. The combination of theoretical and practical information throughout the program helped me extend my knowledge about monitoring online antisemitism and cyberhate. I feel better equipped to monitor cyberhate after completing the REACH program.

Lika G.  |  Czech Republic

I am glad to have joined the REACH program, where I did not only learn and internalize the definition of antisemitism (IHRA) and how to detect antisemitic content on the internet, but also how to take action against it. 

The program and personal advice from Maya and the mentors Jonathan and Barak have trained my eyes so I am enabled to continue fighting antisemitism and hate speech on the internet independently. Besides that, I also gained very useful technical tools and got to know different social media platforms. I can only recommend taking part in this program and want to thank the FOA team for this amazing opportunity.


Talya G.  |  Germany

REACH training greatly helped me learn how to detect antisemitism and hate speech. Working with keywords is a very useful way to detect hateful content on social media.

After REACH, I started reporting hate speech more often, and I have a slightly different approach to social media and online space. I read and analyze content more carefully.

I found small group sessions the most useful- that was a space for exchange and learning from each other’s contexts and experiences, but also from mentors who possess very useful and broad knowledge when it comes to searching the contents on the Internet.

Emina F.  |  Bosnia & Herzegovina
As a Jew using different social media platforms, I must say that FOA, with its REACH program, is very important, urgent even. With rising hate and antisemitism on social media (especially in the time of CoViD-19), many social platforms are full of conspiracies against Jews, Judaism, and Israel. I’m glad that FOA had the courage to take action against this monstrosity.
As part of the REACH program, you will learn how to detect cyberhate and antisemitism, and how to legally combat them. You will also learn how to distinguish between antisemitism, hate speech, fake news, conspiracy theories and many more types of content. During the sessions, FOA will provide you with information about online tools, search tools, community standards of social media platforms, and much more. FOA trainers, mentors, and staff will teach you how to use all these tools, and enable you to take action against cyberhate and antisemitism.
Personally, I much enjoyed the sessions with FOA mentors- Barak and  Jonathan. They are very knowledgeable and have vast experience. I’ve learned a lot from them, and the feedback I received was always useful.
I am very aware of the complexity of antisemitism, but FOA, with its REACH program, helped me get a clear view of that. I can recommend the REACH program to everyone who wants to fight antisemitism and/or growing in knowledge about monitoring etc.
Pinhas Sh.  |  Switzerland

Before I started the REACH program, I was not aware of how much impact I actually can have when it comes to fighting antisemitism online. Especially learning the definitions of antisemitic content (IHRA) in detail helped me a lot. The lecturers were very friendly and did a great job explaining the matter to newcomers like me. Questions were answered in detail. The program is a good combination of theoretical and practical information, which makes it more engaging. I learned how to monitor antisemitic content and cyberhate in general. I really enjoyed the lectures with FOA staff members Maya and Jonathan. Their feedback helped me a lot to improve my skills. 

Overall, it was a very good experience for me, and I definitely recommend REACH to everyone who is interested in fighting antisemitism because you learn the tools to do it more effectively.

Ezra A.  |  Germany

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the first REACH program. The sessions were practical and handy. The theoretical input allowed people from many different countries to work from a common starting point and slowly dive deeper into the topic of hate speech and online antisemitism. I also really enjoyed the sharing of success stories, which is just pure motivation.

Clara I.   |  Germany
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