Who we are

Fighting online antisemitism through volunteer training, reporting hateful content, and conducting educational activities to raise awareness of the phenomena of cyber hate.



FOA is a non-profit organization (NGO) dedicated to eliminating antisemitic and hateful content from the internet. Established in 2020, our main aim is to ensure and verify its quick removal, and prevent its further dissemination.


Our Mission

We conduct training programs meant to empower people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and religions worldwide to fight online antisemitism and hate speech in their communities and countries.


Our Vision

We believe that the fight against antisemitism is first and foremost a fight for human rights. It is also a fight for liberalism, pluralism, equality, acceptance of others, and the creation of a better world for humanity as a whole.


Our Achievements

We have recruited and trained over 150 volunteers thus far, and have manually reported over 2,000 items, with hundreds now being monitored every month in numerous languages, across multiple social media platforms. We have succeeded in deleting significant amounts of toxic and false content from the world’s leading social media platforms, with whom we work directly. During our first year, we have increased the removal rate of antisemitic content by more than 100%.
Our unique monitoring methods create a large database for future reference and research. These statistics enable us to publish reports on antisemitic trends worldwide.


Our Activities

We conduct workshops and lectures for all age groups, and host educational webinars meant to raise awareness of and cope with the phenomenon of cyberhate, by sharing relevant knowledge and tools regarding the social media networks policy and positive use of the online sphere.


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