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About Us

FOA is a non-profit organization (NGO), dedicated to combating antisemitic and hateful content online. Our main goal is to ensure and verify the swift removal of hateful content, and to prevent its further dissemination. We do so by empowering individuals and communities around the world while giving them the skills and the 'know-how' to monitor and report online antisemitism and hate speech.

Our Vision

We believe that the removal of online antisemitic content will contribute to the reduction of violent acts and antisemitic incidents targeting Jewish communities offline.

We believe that the fight against antisemitism is first and foremost a fight for human rights. It is also a fight for liberalism, pluralism, equality, acceptance of others, and the creation of a better world, not just for the Jewish people, but for humanity as a whole.

Our Goals

Monitoring online hate (antisemitism, delegitimization, racism, and other manifestations of hate) in accordance with the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.
Raising awareness of the phenomenon of cyberhate and promoting discourse on human rights, minority rights, pluralism, and tolerance, especially among teenagers and young adults.
Establishing and developing a database of antisemitic content found online, and promoting international, systematic, simultaneous, and effective activities to remove such content.
Advocating collaboration between government agencies, social and civic organizations, and social media platforms. Such collaboration is meant to promote positive change and propel the social platforms to take action against hate speech.

What We Do

Reporting antisemitic content on leading social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Telegram, VKontakte
Training volunteers around the world to tackle cyber hate, and to understand the policies of the social networks in this regard
Analysis of trends pertaining to the spread of antisemitism in cyber space through the creation and maintenance of an international database of antisemitic manifestations found online
Raising awareness to antisemitism and cyber hate, by conducting educational webinars, conferences, workshops, etc.



We have monitored thousands of antisemitic posts on various social media platforms and languages.


We conducted educational workshops for teenagers and students in Israel and around the world on the fight against hatred and bullying in the online space.


We have recruited and trained more than 150 volunteers for the daily struggle against rising antisemitism on the net.


We have promoted professional collaborations with public and government bodies and published reports reviewing the phenomenon of anti-Semitism.

Social medias
Reported antisemitic content
Removed antisemitic content



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