Who we are

Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA)


Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA) is an Israeli-based NGO dedicated to combating antisemitism through volunteer training, reporting antisemitic content on social media, and raising awareness of the phenomena of cyberhate.

Our Accomplishments

Established in 2020, FOA have trained over 400 international volunteers who regularly monitor antisemitic content in multiple languages and across ten leading social media networks. This has led to the deletion of significant amounts of toxic and false materials from the world’s leading social platforms. FOA’s staff and volunteers based in different countries worldwide help make a difference on a global scale.

The Database and Periodic Reports

All monitored content is documented and stored in a secure online database. This extensive and unique treasure trove is utilized in periodical reports exploring contemporary trends pertaining to online antisemitism on social media and removal rates of antisemitic content across various platforms.

Educational Programs

  • REACH Program:
    FOA offers educational training programs for volunteers/interns from all around the world (REACH-Remove and Eradicate Antisemitism & Cyber Hate).

  • Workshop and Lectures:
    Our workshops and lectures explore various aspects of cyber hate in general, and online antisemitism in particular. Such educational activities are conducted online and offline and are meant for pupils, teens, college students, and senior citizens, all tailored to the specific group.

  • Public Webinars:
    We also organize relevant educational webinars and awareness-raising activities open to the general public free of charge.

Our Goals and Network

Swift Removal of Antisemitic Content

Established in 2020, our goal is to ensure the swift removal of antisemitic content (according to IHRA’s working definition of antisemitism), from the most popular social media platforms to prevent its further dissemination.

International Collaboration

Founded in Israel, our international network of volunteers helps us make a difference on a global scale.

Monitoring and Reporting

Volunteer Training

We have trained over 400 Israeli and international volunteers to monitor antisemitism in multiple languages and across 10 leading social media platforms.

Direct Actions

We have monitored tens of thousands of antisemitic items. When the reported content isn’t taken down immediately, FOA directly approaches the platforms and propels them to take action. Such involvement has led to the deletion of thousands of antisemitic items from the social media.

Beliefs and Collaborations

Our Belief in Offline Impact

We firmly believe that removing antisemitic content from the online sphere contributes to reducing offline antisemitism.

Our Core Values

Combating cyber hate and promoting Holocaust commemoration, diversity, equality and tolerance is a goal shared by many who wish to create a better world, not only for Jews but for all of humanity.


We promote collaboration with the Israeli Minister of Education, Israeli high schools and academic institutions, global NGOs, GOs, civil society, and social media platforms. Such collaboration is necessary to effectively combat antisemitism.

Global Membership

To date, FOA is the only Israeli member of the International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH) and is a member of the Maspik! Coalition.


Report Hateful Content on Social Media