Social Media as a Weapon

Social media has transformed the way information is shared and consumed globally, significantly impacting societal dynamics, political discourse, and international relations. Its wide reach and the ability to communicate in real-time have made it a powerful tool for influencing public opinion and mobilizing social movements. However, the same characteristics that make social media a force […]

Exploiting Tragedy as Fuel for Antisemitism

Some moral principles are universal to nearly all humans, held to such high regard, that we simply can’t excuse crossing them under any circumstance. An unfortunate consequence of the powerful emotions that these principles evoke is an attempt to turn that care into hate. In the context of Jew-hatred, we can refer to that as […]

‘Antisemitism’ or ‘anti-Semitism’

Two Different Spellings In 2015, the spelling of the word ‘anti-Semitism’ was challenged. In response to changes in political, social, and economic dynamics around the world,  the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) recommended to omit the hyphen and capitalization and change the spelling  to antisemitism.  The IHRA recommends spelling “antisemitism” without a hyphen to avoid […]

The Holocaust is NOT a Matter of Opinion

In an era where historical facts are increasingly contested, the undeniable truth of the Holocaust stands as a testament to the atrocities that can occur when hate is allowed to flourish unchecked. The Holocaust, a well-documented event, led to the systematic murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazi regime. This […]

Never Again: Soaring Holocaust Denial on the eve of International Remembrance Day

January 27 is recognized by the United Nations General Assembly as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which commemorates the six million Jews and millions of innocent victims persecuted by the Nazis during the Holocaust.   As we engage in ongoing discussions about the origins and evolution of the Holocaust, this year has offered critical insights into […]

List of Shame: Most popular antisemitic hashtags

A new report by the Fighting Online Antisemitism organization (FOA) reviews antisemitic hashtags posted on social media in 2021. “Hitler was right”, “Holocaust was right” and “Gas the Jews” are a few of these vile labels. And what had social media networks been doing to prevent this phenomenon?   In preparation for the International Holocaust […]

7,000 antisemitic posts: that’s the image of LinkedIn throughout operation “Guardian of the Walls.”

Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip ignited a worldwide wave of hatred against Jews and Israelis. It is now becoming apparent that the phenomenon has spread across Twitter, Facebook, and VK, and even reached relatively moderate social networks like LinkedIn.   Following “Guardian of the Walls,” fake news and antisemitism swept social media – and […]

Are they committed to removing hate content? Not really, when the subject is antisemitism.

Facebook and other social media platforms removed less than 12% of reported antisemitic content. Moreover, Facebook failed to take down Fatah sites that openly promote violence against Israelis.   semitic and anti-Israeli content removal requests, even when the content openly instigates racism and violence. As reported by the Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA) organization whose purpose […]

Suspicion: Telegram is used by an international group to raise cash for hostile activity

Over the past two months, the organization “Fighting Online Antisemitism Organization (FOA)” investigated unusual activity on Telegram. Content on the website raised suspicions that it was part of a worldwide fundraising effort for the Palestinian Authority, which supports demonstrations and hostile activity in Jerusalem and the West Bank.   Thousands of bitcoin wallets worldwide were […]

And maybe this year we will succeed

The flourishing of social networks in recent years has once again flooded the antisemitic discourse and hatred of Jews, and the central focus of it all is the national-political conflict. Unlike the battlefield, however, the network brings the two camps “face to face,” and so the power and capabilities are in the hands of each […]

“This is the new Antisemitism”

A new report reveals the extent to which the giant social networks find it difficult to act against antisemitic content disguised as hatred of Israel. The CEO of the movement that fights this phenomenon says: “The companies are trying but they can do a lot more.”  Like any other aspect of spreading messages, the revolution […]

Israel is losing big time on the social front

Operation ‘Guardian of the Walls’: Israel is losing big time on the social front.     About 50 thousand anti-Israeli tweets are being published by the hour on Twitter, as opposed to 2,000 pro-Israeli tweets. These figures shed a disturbing light which is the outcome of Israel’s weak social front against Hamas and the Palestinian supporters. […]

Hey social networks! We won’t get off your backs

The Fighting Online Antisemitism association has been trying to reduce the phenomenon of hateful speech on social media – with partial success ● To be more successful, instead of manual monitoring, FOA wants to build an AI system that monitors hate content, and for this purpose FOA is asking for donations ● Tomer Aldubi, CEO […]

“Burning the Israeli flag is not incitement”

From a series of videos that landed on the desk of “Israel Today”, it seems that some people use social networks not for social networking but for incitement. In several videos, we see the Israeli flag being torn. In one of them, a drawing of the Israeli flag on a  piece of paper is thrown […]


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